Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tiny Lockout

Well, it happened. I locked my key inside the house. So many "if only" laments and people to blame; so little point in listing them. What's done is done, and now it's up to me, some string, a credit card, and a magnet or two to figure it out. I spent the night house sitting with a friend and some adorable animals, and now I'm just getting my coffee and internet on in the student cafe, and THEN I'll head out in the rain and figure it out. Stay tuned, locals. I may need to use your couch.

At least this is the first real crisis, and it's probably actually a good sign that it's so hard to break into my house. It's been a few more days of tiny life, and I'm still happy to report that I'm still happy, provided that I can regain access to my clothes and food. Not once has the house felt too small, too cluttered, or too...warm. Luckily, spring is on its way, and I'm finally getting to the point where I don't have to leave the heater running all of the time. Rain, too, can have very pleasant effects in a tiny house, like making me feel cozy and dry and poetic.

Lately, I've been hiding away in the loft quite a bit. It's an ideal place to get writing done. I'm isolated enough to concentrate, but next to a couple of sizable windows. I'm generally warm up there, surrounded by blankets, and I have a little wooden lap desk that I use for my laptop so as not to crush my legs. It's always tempting to drift off after a while, but for the most part I resist. 

What am I writing, you might ask? Currently, I'm working on a long-winded "domestic autobiography" of sorts. I've been interviewing my mom, the internet, and myself about the history of our house in suburban Chicago. It's an interesting way to further develop my perspective on the tiny house, as well as common ideas regarding home ownership and personal property.

Boring, right?

Well, that's all for today. I'm having an open house on Sunday, and a very exciting interview tomorrow, so I'll keep you posted.

Be well,


If you were wondering, the wonderful folks at Hampshire's facilities and grounds saved the day once again. It wasn't easy, but I'm inside again. And I'm never leaving. 


  1. If you can afford to, (it's about $250) get an electric door lock. It's something that I purchased for my house when I was doing an upgrade, as I locked myself out regularly, and it's very helpful!

  2. That's a wise idea- I'll definitely think about it. It was a huge headache to not even have a spare, and I found myself wondering why we haven't evolved past the old key-and-lock system. Thanks Zak!

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